Product Specification

Earthing Materials, Lightning & Surge Protection



Conforms To National & International Industry Standards Including BS & European Standards

Industry Application

Suitable For Application In Various Industries Including Industrial, Power, Oil & Gas, Offshore, Marine, Petrochemical and Chemical

Earthing Components

Earth Rods, Couplings, Driving Heads, Driving Spikes, Clamps, Earth Plates, Lattice Mats, Earth Inspection Pits / Chambers, Earth Bars, Insulators, Earth Rod Seals, Earth Bonding Points, Earth Blocks, Earth Bosses, Split Bolt Connectors, Flexible Copper Braid Bonds, Static Earth Receptacles, Eyebolts, ‘C’ Crimp Connectors, Compression Terminals

Lightning Protection

Air Rods & Terminals, Multi-Point, Air Rod Saddles, Air Rod Brackets, Couplings, DC Clips, Tape Clips, Holdfasts, Junction Clamps, Test Clamps, Strike / Interceptor Plates, Connectors, Bonds, Clips, Shoes, Strike Pads, Puddle Flanges, Sealing Tapes, Insulating Tapes


  • Copper : Bare Tape, PVC Covered Tape, Tinned Tape, Hard
  • Drawn Bar, Flexible Braid, Solid Circular
  • Conductors, Stranded Conductors
  • Aluminium : Bare Tape, PVC Covered Tape, Solid Circular Conductors

Earthing Compounds

Marconite, Bentonite

Exothermic Welding

Weld Powders, Graphite Moulds, Handle Clamps, Toolkits

Lightning Surge Protectors

Current Protectors, Decoupling Devices, Contact Bridge, Combined Arresters, Overvoltage Protectors, Overvoltage Arresters